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Weekly Devotions

There are some things that we say, do, or experience that are not stagnant. They don't stay in one place but they have a ripple effect.
Your words carry weight. Maybe even more than you realize. Here are some things to consider in any conversation.
Joy...Probably the most important 3-letter word in your vocabulary and in your life.
Each of us is a writer in his/her own right. We are writing the story of our own life.
You say that you are rushing around right now. What's the Hurry? Habit? Or something important?
What is it you have an attitude about. Something important or is it trivial. Our attitudes are important in shaping how we lead our lives.
Do things that happen to you come about by chance or is there a reason behind them?
Ever wake up and feel just a little bit wobbly in the morning. Maybe it's not physical, could be mental. Maybe even part imagined. Here's some info for you.
Imagination. A great thing to have---at times. Other times, maybe, not so much.
Keep your eye on the ball. Good advice if you are not only playing a game with a ball involved but good life advice as well.

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