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Weekly Devotions

There's crazy-good and crazy-bad. Read how good crazy happenings can be.
Are you frustrated in your prayers sometimes. Can't think of what to say to God. Or praying for the same things over and over. Maybe this devotion can help.
When is it OK to Fail? Never? Not really. We address that in this devotion.
Try a little kindness today. Why not? Here's how!
That decisive moment that changes everything could come at any time. Could happen even before you finish reading this devotion.
Two good moves, Is that all you have? It doesn't matter with Jesus. He'll bring out the good in those and even multiply them.
Make plans to be a champion. It's not only possible but very probable that you can succeed.
So when you pray do you expect a quick answer? If the one you expected is not happening , what then?
How's it going with your prayers lately? All those prayers you are praying hard about getting answered? Never happens that way does it. Seems there are often
speed bumps you needs to negotiate. Let's take a look and how to get over those.
Best Friends. This would be a dreary place without friends wouldn't it?

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