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Weekly Devotions

Are you winning in life? The way to do that is follow the Champion's Way.
Should you tackle this task alone or should you collaborate?
Do you consider yourself a dreamer? Maybe not but everyone has dreams. That's a good thing. But, what you do with them is important.
When you pray and don't get an immediate answer from God what do you do? Take it back and try to solve it yourself while still praying about what you have asked of him. Are you showing faith if you do that or not?
We all have to deal with difficult people in our lives from time to time. Here are some thoughts on the best way to do that.
Sometimes those problems seem as big as a mountain. But there is a way around, thru or over them.
Do you think about what you are thinking about? That's a good thing to do because sometimes what you are thinking about is troublesome or disturbing and your mind can be put to better use.
Sometimes you hear a familiar song and it speaks to certain parts of your life. This is about one such song and how it speaks to us through scripture as well.
What is a small flaw? Do you ignore it thinking it is not important and will go away? Or do you handle it? If so, how do you do that?
When a solution to a problem comes up do you hop on it immediately.? Or do you thing about things that could block it and say: "That might work, yeah-but and start things that could make it not work?

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