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Weekly Devotions

Sometimes we are so busy to get big things done we forget the small steps that lead us there.
There are more ways to get stuck in the mud besides being in a car.
It's better to take things up one at a time. Don't believe it? Read this devotion.
Ah yes. Memories! Some great. Some not so great. But, all important.
What if we were given a blank check to do anything we wanted to with? What would you do?
The wind plays a big role in our lives. Sometimes larger than we anticipate or have to deal with.
Having a tough morning? Feeling a little wobbly, shaky or uncertain. Here are some suggestions to help.
Skepticism is all around us at times. How do we combat it? And how do we keep from becoming skeptical?
We all make messes. Here's how to correct them.
Weakness can become a strength.

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