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Weekly Devotions

When you hear the term "Enemies" what comes to mind? What if the term was referring to health and well-being?
You may have read this devotion before but I thought it was worth repeating. OK so it is something I needed to be reminded of how to combat. Hope it works for you.
Way back in the early 1900's people needed get places faster than with the horses they were riding. So they built a faster horse.
Ever heard of the 3 Rs? Back in the day they had the same meaning that they do to day but they were spelled different.
There are some things that we say, do, or experience that are not stagnant. They don't stay in one place but they have a ripple effect.
Your words carry weight. Maybe even more than you realize. Here are some things to consider in any conversation.
Joy...Probably the most important 3-letter word in your vocabulary and in your life.
Each of us is a writer in his/her own right. We are writing the story of our own life.
You say that you are rushing around right now. What's the Hurry? Habit? Or something important?
What is it you have an attitude about. Something important or is it trivial. Our attitudes are important in shaping how we lead our lives.

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