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Weekly Devotions

Keep your eye on the ball. Good advice if you are not only playing a game with a ball involved but good life advice as well.
What is a galaxy anyway? And what does this have to do with us.?
So how are you feeling about God today? Need to sort out those feelings? Check out this devotion.
As we look ahead in 2023 what are some of the essentials in our makeup that will lead in the right direction?
What does it mean to be kind? What's the difference between Biblical kindness and secular kindness.
What do you see when you thoughtfully look in the mirror.
The picture of Mother and Child---a lasting memory that returns each year to brighten our lives.
Stumped for what to give as a gift this Christmas? Here's an idea.
It's somewhat new. A tradition for the Christmas season. In goodwill and a happy ending it goes along with the real reason for the season.
Does God still speak to us in dreams like he did to many different people in the Bible?

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