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Weekly Devotions

Merry Christmas everyone. Here's the annual saga of the wobbly wheel at Christmas.
It gets a little noisy around Chirstmas. But, it's a joyful noise. The sounds of the season at Christmas are unique and special for a reason.
The lights of Christmas are more special than lights at any other time because of what they represent.
So you've prayed and didn't get the instant reply you were waiting for. What next?
We all have doubts. What should we do about them?
Are you thinking ahead or dwelling on the past? Let's think about the importance of now.
Ever wonder what's going on behind the scenes? Let's take a look.
Does it sometimes seem when bad things happen that God is Unfair. Is he, really?

Ever feel just plain tired. Sure you have. Here are some ideas to help you cope.
A new way to reply to something that could upset you.

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