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Weekly Devotions

Like to read mysteries and thrillers? We are closing out February with a profound mystery.
Here is a new take on an old piece of advice.
Ways to pray. Things to avoid doing.
What is a God Nod? If you don't know this is a good time to find out. If you do know take this refresher course.
Providence is an interesting word. It is also a place.
Some days are more challenging than others.
Our thoughts guide our actions.
Time flies! Here it is a brand new year already. Will it be a good one? For that to happen "You Gotta Believe."
Thankfully they just keep on coming. But each New Year is different. Here's a way at
looking how each New Year unfolds.
Sometimes before you go ahead and pursue new adventures it is good to take a little time and look back. The past can be a good teacher.

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