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Mary , Did You Know?-December 19, 2022

The picture of Mother and Child---a lasting memory that returns each year to brighten our lives.

Monday Morning Devotion-December 19, 2022

Mary, Did You Know?

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart."    Luke 2:19

            This is a devotion I wrote last year which has rapidly become a favorite even topping

“A Wobbly Wheel at Christmas” that occupied this slot annually.  Hope you enjoy it.        

            The mother and child.  What a poignant picture is painted at Christmas in the

manger scene.  Mary the mother of Jesus, in all the various depictions, is always looking down at her newborn baby boy.  Wonder what is going through her mind at the time?

             Let's share some thoughts I discovered on the internet ( as well as words from the beautiful song: "Mary Did You Know? (Words and Music by Mark Lowry and Buddy Greene' arranged by Tom Fettke.

            Mary did you know that your baby boy

            Would one day walk on water?

        "From the moment the angel appeared to her, nothing had been 'normal'.  As she held her son near, kissed his forehead and settled in for a well-earned rest, shepherds appeared and began praising God.  There was simply no forgetting the child was not just any child."

            Mary did you know that your baby boy

            Would save our sons and daughters.

       "Mary must have been like any other mother, memorizing the features of Jesus' face, snuggling Him close and kissing His cheek.  Surely, she sang to Him and rocked Him to sleep.  As she stored up all the sweet treasures that come with motherhood, she must also have marveled at the miracles."

            Mary did you know that your baby boy

            Will give sight to a blind man?

          "It couldn't have been easy to understand that the child she was holding was the very God who holds everything.  For, though He looked to her to meet His needs, He is the God who gives all things." 

            Mary did you know that your baby boy

            Would calm a storm with His hand?

            Though she knew He was the Messiah, she must have wondered what His future

would bring.

           Mary, did you know that your baby boy

            Is Lord of all creation?

         As she held his tiny fingers, did she know they held healing?  As she smoothed his little brow, did she know it would one day bleed.  Did she realize that her tiny son was the Savior who would one day reign?

            And when you kiss your little baby

            You've kissed the face of God?

            Mary, did you know?

       What a beautiful story that is.  It sometimes seems that part of the true Christmas story gets lost in the shuffle.  Gosh there's an angel up in the sky appearing to a bunch of shepherds out in the field to tell them about the birth of the baby.  And then the sky is full of angels singing praises to this newborn baby.

            And there are three wise men getting in on the act. They have been studying and researching scanning the internet ---whoops--- I mean searching the skies every night for that lone, brightest of all stars that will lead them to find the baby destined to be Savior of the World.

            And then there is King Herod, a very jealous sort, who was always wary of anyone or anything that would undermine his kingdom and usurp his power.  He wanted to find this Baby that the Wise Men were searching for and kill Him.

            Mary did you know that your baby boy

            Is Lord of all creation?

        So here is this beautiful baby boy who has just been born.  The only thing he knows is his mother's gentle touch, her soothing voice, and the lullabies she quietly sings to him.  And already someone is plotting to kill him.

            Mary, in the fullness of her pregnancy, has just ridden 70 miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem on a donkey and then had to sit and wait as Joseph went to every Holiday Inn in town to find a room.  The best offer was a smelly old barn with a wooden manager for a bed.  Is this any way to bring a baby into the world?

            Mary did you know that your baby boy

            Is Heaven's perfect lamb.

          So once the big whoopy-de-do is over with who's left to change the diapers, prepare the formula, mend the clothes, and tell the bedtime stories to this beautiful baby?  Not the shepherds, they are back in the fields telling stories about that wonderful night and the little baby in the stable.

            The Wise Men are back in their workplace studying and looking for the next revelation from God to appear to them.

            I think of Mary's story often, especially at this time of year.  It never fails to remind me how blessed I was to have the hard-working, loving woman of faith I had for a Mom.

            And then this plays out before my very eyes each day in my own house when I watch how the Lovely Susette or, GG as she is called by our granddaughter, tends to the needs of our beautiful granddaughter Ellee, who lives with us.

            GG lovingly cares for her in ways that I have no experience in or knowledge of how to do.  When Ellee wakes up it's her GG she looks for first of all.  Two seniors raising a very active seven-year-old.  Only one of these two can truly identify with Mary and the cares and needs of that little girl who lives with us.

            GG did you know that God

            Picked you for such an important role.

       He did.  And now we both know how blessed we are.

       Thank you, Mary!  Did you know what an example you set for Mothers

and Grandmothers to follow forever?

Prayer: Heavenly Father thank you for Mary, the Mother of our Lord Jesus!


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